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Best Web Hosting Provider in Bhubaneswar

Before taking decision on a plan, you need to take decision on selecting a hosting service provider. There are several web hosting service provider , but we are the best of them all! We take the pride to offer the flawless, first-rate web hosting services to our clients. 

We guarantee you the world-class hosting service for your website that will definitely help you grow your business.service

We monitor all our Servers like Email Servers, Database Servers, FTP Servers, HTTP Servers, 24x7x365 Day and Night.

A Secure Email server as it helps cut down on support calls, minimizes server downtime and prevents interruptions that cause headaches for users.

Basic Types of Hosting

 Share web hosting :

Shared web hosting is quite reasonable and preferred hosting type. There are numerous websites on one server and all these websites share the server, which is called shared web hosting. As you share the server with several other websites on the server, you have to pay less for it. 

Virtual Private Server (VPS) :

In virtual private server, you will have to share the server with much fewer websites. As a result, you get more power, flexibility and control, but you have to pay a little more for VPS.

Dedicated Server :

Dedicated server, as the name suggests, is a single virtual server that is dedicated only to you. High-traffic, resource-intensive websites prefer this type of server, but it is the most expensive hosting option.

Hosting Plans - Contact us for more customised hosting packages


Rs. 222/ Month
  • 1 GB Disk Space
  • Host 1 Domains
  • 10 GB Bandwidth / month
  • Unlimited E-mail Address
  • MSSQL, MySQL Database
  • PHP 7.3, ASP.NET 4.7, CGI
  • Unlimited Subdomains1


Rs. 169/ month
  • 5 GB Disk Space
  • 1 Email Accounts
  • Inbox Size No Limit
  • Contacts, Calendars, Tasks
  • POP/IMAP/Webmail
  • Anti-spam protection
  • Outlook and All Mobile Support


Rs. 777/ month
  • 1 CPU Core
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 20 GB Disk Space
  • 200 GB Bandwidth
  • Full Root Access
  • Location: Delhi/ Chennai/ Mumbai/ Kolkata, India
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support


Rs. 7777/ month
  • Intel Quad Core
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 1 TB HDD Disk
  • 1000 GB Bandwidth
  • 1 IPs Address
  • Full Root Access
  • Linux OR Windows Server
—–  Why Tech Smart Sense?

We are Customer Centric

A rare blend of experience, affordable pricing and unconditional 24*7*365 support makes us standout from the rest. Experience helps us design & code perfectly, affordable pricing helps us offer pocket friendly services and our support wins client confidence.

  • Excellence in Solutions

    Team of exprienced professionals work completely alongside the customers in order to provide them with the best possible solutions.

  • Quality Assurance

    Our Team conducts high-level quality checks at every phase of the project delivering the best quality solutions.

  • 100% Satisfaction

    Our ultimate goal is to achieve the complete customer satisfaction by guiding them and taking inputs from them at every step.

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