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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ad Strategy and Management

This is PPC campaign management from the ground up. Page Traffics offers customized PPC campaigns and targeting strategies. Increase your traffic, website conversions, and revenue without spending a lot of time and effort. Contact us now and see positive results in a week.

Our PPC Process:

  •  Keyword analysis
  •  Competitor analysis
  •  Bid strategy
  •  Re-marketing setup (if necessary)
  •  Creative design and copy-writing
  •  Placement strategy
  •  Conversion tracking
  •  Daily improvements

You may get a question in your mind that “how to make a million dollars by your business”

Answer is through a technique called Pay per click (PPC) that employs a combination of factors to help you to get more traffic.
PPC advertising is a rapidly growing method for showing your ad Google 1st page online instantly. It’s very effective and profitable method if you are really serious to increase your business very soon. In Pay Per Click advertising.


Before taking any service we must know the concept we are taking from the market. Pay Per Click system is an internet marketing strategy to boost more traffic on your website. PPC means pay per click only be charged when somebody clicks to your ad. We are one of the leading PPC Experts in Bhubaneswar, India as we are much passionate about our work. As an PPC Expert our team make sure that you are not charged much high from google and try to maintain the best position also.


Google is a huge search engine where many millions of people search for their requirements. If you want to be a big brand or wanna show your products and services then pay per click system is the best option for any organization and google never charge for impressions. Google updates its features and options regularly and as a businessman if you want more sales and profit to your business then you must hire a PPC Expert in Bhubaneswar. PPC Expert will put up all of his experience and effort to maintain your ad to run in the best way on google. Global ads is a team of PPC Expert in Bhubaneswar with vast years of experience in google adwords will never cost you high on google.


Experience tells the words. If you are working in a professional company to promote your products and services then there is no doubt of skills as they are running their business from many years. Whenever we finalize the contract with any individual or company they just ask us the few questions about PPC Services in Bhubaneswar:

  • How many accounts do you handle?
  • For how many companies do you work?
  • Are you having the companies with the same products we are offering?
  • What kind of reports will you give?
  • How will you handle my competitor?
  • And so on…

Our answer is just simple as there are so many companies are running their ads on google and google show them randomly it means google locates the results with time to time but the business and profit is guaranteed with PPC Services in Bhubaneswar.



In the text ads we make simple a text ads with lot of extensions used in the ad like phone extension & run it to google & its search partners which provides you a great result in sales. Global Ads is the leading PPC Expert for Text Ads on Google Adwords in Bhubaneswar India.


In this type of ads your service banner will show to the millions of website running all over the worlds so that people can know about the product or service you are offering. Global Ads is the leading PPC Expert for Display Ads on Google Adwords in Bhubaneswar India.


In this type of ads a discovery or in stream ads of your short video about your product or service will be shown to the many of people videos to better expose your service or product in a good manner. We are the best PPC Expert for Video Advertisement on Google Adwords in Bhubaneswar India.


In Simple Words Remarketing is the way to call up your audience again. For suppose you have shown your ads to many of people then it is the way to show your ads again to the same visitor for better conversion of output of sales. Give us a chance to grow you in the right direction and we are the best PPC Expert for Remarketing Campaigns on Google Adwords in Bhubaneswar India.


if you are running a ecommerce website then it is mandatory to drive more and more traffic to your website so that people can aware about your products you are showing in your online shop. To achieve that Global Ads provides you the way to run the shopping ads on the google platform so that people can come to know about your products & can buy them. This way is the best way & running by the most of the big brands like flipkart, amazon & snapdeal etc. So take a giant of profit from the market today by showing up your products to the google now. Global Ads is the best PPC Expert for Shopping Ads on Google Adwords in Bhubaneswar India.

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